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Royal Jelly with Glucosamine (60 capsules per month)

Price : JPY 3,240
 (JPY 3,000 before tax)


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Royal Jelly with Glucosamine

Glucosamine from fresh crab from the Sea of Japan is added to Royal Jelly. This Two-in-One supplement helps you feel young and supports your active life.

Glucosamine naturally exists in various parts of the body. It is essential for joint cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber. However, joint cartilage degrades as you age. <Yawata> combined glucosamine and Royal Jelly, which is considered a highly nutritious food.
Royal jelly contains abundant nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino-acids. Above all, amino acids are important nutrients making up proteins, which become the basis for our body's blood vessels, skin, muscles and so on. When taken together, it supports the work of glucosamine, which helps build cartilage that cushions the joints. In order to stay healthy and keep your joints healthy, we recommend taking "glucosamine" and "Royal Jelly" which has abundant nutrients together.


We exclusively use glucosamine from red snow crabs caught off the coast of Sakaiminato, Tottori - one of the best ports in Japan.
Generally, glucosamine is made from various crustaceans like shrimp and crab. Yawata's glucosamine is made with only local red snow crab. Many companies process crab into products in sakaiminato, Tottori. This makes it possible for Yawata to keep high-quality crab shells in stock at all times.

How to take

Take 2 capsules per day with water.
You can take 3 capsules if you wish to take more nutrients.

※It may vary in color of capsule due to natural ingredients.
And it may discolor like brown if exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time, in either case, does not affect the quality of the product.


Supplement Facts

Nutrition facts(per capsule:900mg)
  • Calories:4.4kcal
  • Protein:0.38g
  • Fat:0.22g
  • Carbohydrates:0.23g
  • Sodium:0.069mg
    (salt equivalent:0.00018g)
  • Zinc:0.010mg
  • Manganese:0.00036mg
  • Calcium:0.059mg
  • Magnesium:0.13mg
  • Potassium:1.2mg
  • Iron:0.0053mg
  • Copper:0.0019mg
  • Vitamin B1:0.0017mg
  • Vitamin B2:0.0021mg
  • Vitamin B6:0.0012mg
  • Pantothenic acid:0.010mg
  • Niacin:0.032mg
  • Folic acid:0.11μg
  • Biotin:0.28μg
  • Vitamin E:0.097mg
  • Phosphorus:0.91mg
  • Arginine:20mg
  • Lysine:12mg
  • Histidine:3.0mg
  • Phenylalanine:6.8mg
  • Tyrosine:3.2mg
  • Leucine:11mg
  • Isoleucine:5.4mg
  • Methionine:2.9mg
  • Valine:8.6mg
  • Alanine:22mg
  • Glycine:54mg
  • Proline:32mg
  • Glutamic acid:28mg
  • Serine:11mg
  • Threonine:6.2mg
  • Aspartic acid:22mg
  • Tryptophan:0.63mg
  • Cystine:0.72mg
  • γ‐aminobutyric
  • Inositol:0.072mg
  • Gluconic acid:8.6mg
  • As the equivalent
    of Royal Jelly:405mg
  • Decenoic acid:5.8mg
Composition amount(per capsule:900mg)
  • Glucosamine:250mg*

※Contains crab.
※If you have atopic dermatitis, asthma, food allergies, please avoid taking and if you are pregnant or breast feeding,
 suggest that you consult your physician before taking.
※The above value is only a guideline.(except *)


Recommended for people who…

  • want to lead an active life.

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