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  2. calcium, which all ages tend to lack.

calcium, which all ages tend to lack.

Chondroitin helps to support a healthy body and is essential for an active life. High quality chondroitin from Japanese sharks is used for Yawata's "Calcium & Chondroitin". Only 0.4% of shark cartilage is made up of chondroitin, which is extracted and then added to "Calcium & Chondroitin". 5g of calcium are extracted from 100g of domestically caught oyster shells, making it easier for people to get the calcium they tend to lack in their diet.

(200 capsules per month)

JPY 2,160
(including tax)

"Calcium" is great for those who don't like eating dairy foods like milk and cheese because the main ingredient is extracted from oyster shells. 40mg of calcium is contained in each capsule to provide some calcium to your diet. It is possible to take between 280mg to 400mg of calcium by taking 7 to 10 capsules per day.

Moo Calcium
(60 tablets)

JPY 972
(including tax)

Both parents and children can take calcium easily with Moo Calcium! This is an improved version of "Kids Calcium". 8 kinds of animal-shaped calcium tablets are made with love from milk and have a delicious yogurt flavor. Mothers and children can take it together. We have carefully selected the ingredients used for the safety of our customers' health.