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  2. "Moistic" Series; 2-step-aging care

"Moistic" Series; 2-step-aging care

"Moistic" Special Essence (50mL)

JPY 4,950
(including tax)

This "Special Essence" softens aging skin and helps the skin to absorb moisture better.
Moisturizing components, such as hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid Na and also carefully selected natural components extracted from plants and fruits are added.
By applying the essence immediately after washing your face, 37 kinds of naturally extracted beautifying agents soften keratin on the face and prepare the skin to absorb the Moistic Rich Gel.

"Moistic" Rich Gel (50g)

JPY 4,180
(including tax)

Super fragmentation of the beautifying components allows this multi-functional gel "Moistic" Rich Gel to moisturize and reach deeper in the skin(※).
Even though this product is in gel form, it'll be absorbed well into the keratin skin layer soon after application and achieves higher penetration(※). Carefully selected natural components such as collagen and squalene make the skin firm and shiny.
※Penetrates only to keratin layer.