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  2. Dietary fiber –"The sixth nutrient category"

Dietary fiber –"The sixth nutrient category"

Foods with Function Claims "Shoku no Kyuseishu" contains GABA and isomaltodextrin (dietary fibre). GABA has been reported to have the function to lower high blood pressure. Isomaltodextrin (dietary fibre) has been reported to have the function to moderate postprandial blood glucose levels, which is the increase in blood sugar levels in healthy people after meals, and to moderate the postprandial increase in triglyceride levels, which is the increase in triglyceride content in the blood in healthy people after meals.

Enjoy a healthy life with soy isoflavone full of gifts from the land. Packed full of nutrients good for women such as, soybeans Isoflavone, vitamin D, dietary fibers, roasted brown rice, 18 kinds of amino acids etc.
1 bag (sachet) to be added to your drink of choice such as milk or yogurt.

    Crab Capsule
    (135 capsules per month)

    JPY 3,888
    (including tax)

    Chitosan, which is refined chitin extracted from the shells of shrimp and crab, is put into our product's easy-to-drink capsules. Chitosan is a nutrient that is gaining attention due to the fact that it supports a healthy lifestyle. It is a recommended nutrient for people that want to keep the inside of their body beautiful.

    "Delicious Green Vegetable Juice" contains vitamins (A, B-group and C), catechin, dietary fiber and lactic acid bacteria to compose a well-balanced diet. The juice has a sweet and fresh taste to it and people of all ages enjoy drinking it. Yawata's Green Vegetable Juice has a good balance of nutrients and is easy to drink making it good for continuous use. Its fine quality helps to support a healthy lifestyle.

    We made a simple green juice from a fundamental standpoint, and green barley is a prime ingredient of Yawata's original green vegetable juice.
    Green barley has a mild taste, which makes it easier to drink. Also, green barley is nutrients and contains fibers, vitamins, minerals, amino acid, etc.
    Rich in lactobacillus and vitamin C.