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  2. vitamins, one of the five major nutrients.

vitamins, one of the five major nutrients.

(60 capsules per month)

JPY 2,160
(including tax)

If you have an unbalanced or irregular diet, you tend to lack vitamins. Vitamins are essential for those who wish to stay healthy and beautiful. "Multi-Vitamin" is a Food with Nutrient Function Claims that contain a good balance of vitamins that are essential for our daily life. We carefully select all the ingredients used in our product.

Vitamin E 100
(120 capsules per month)

JPY 3,888
(including tax)

Vitamin E (tocopherol) can be classified into 8 groups. Among them, it is said that especially alpha-tocopherol is great for our health. 150mg of vegetable oil containing vitamin E, which contains 100mg of alpha-tocopherol, is in each capsule.

Vitamin C is essential for your beauty and daily life. Beta-carotene is also called "Provitamin A" and turns into vitamin A in the body. Both are contained in fruits and vegetables but are easily lost and often lacking from your body. 3 capsules of "Deli'C'ious Carotene" contain the vitamin C equivalent of 2.7 lemons and the beta-carotene equivalent of 1.7 carrot.