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Garlic extract to boost energy

Aged-garlic specially grown in Aomori Prefecture is added to Royal Jelly. Royal jelly and garlic are believed to boost energy and have been consumed in many forms for a long time. One reason is that garlic is rich in allysine, which is an amino acid that contains sulfur. Yawata's Royal Jelly with Aged-Garlic helps you maintain your strength and lead an energetic daily life.

The energy source, "garlic" has been added to Yawata’s "Black Vinegar from Zhenjiang", which has been one of our most popular and well-loved products because of its traditional craftsmanship and Yawata’s technology.
We use "Black vinegar", rich in amino acids and organic acids, processed with the traditional Chinese manufacturing method, and "black garlic", Fukuichi’s aged, white, six-clove garlic from Aomori prefecture. Inside the daily quantity of 2 capsules there is 100mg of Aomori prefecture’s Fukuchi white six cloves powder. It supports the health of those who want to stay energetic and active with both the power of amino acids in Black Vinegar of Zhenjiang for the body’s foundations, and the power of aged garlic.

Garlic yolk is a local specialty in the southern Kyushu region. Yawata starts by carefully selecting the ingredients. We chose "Fukuchi White", garlic grown in Aomori, in freezing winters and matured one by one for 30 days by craftsmen. Yawata uses only fertilized eggs. Passion for ingredients ensures high levels of nutrients and product safety.

Nattokinase is an enzyme that is extracted from natto and added to our product, Aged Garlic with Egg Yolk, which is a traditional local specialty in southern Kyushu. Plenty of high quality garlic from Aomori Prefecture and fertile fresh eggs are used for Aged Garlic with Egg Yolk.

Natural, nutritional garlic is used in our easy to drink capsules.Odorless garlic is used, so that you can take this nutritional supplement without having to worry about smell.

Vitamin E, which is good for beauty, is combined with powdered odorless garlic, which is good for your health. This product is recommended for those who want to stay energetic and youthful. Each capsule contains 100mg of vegetable oil.(67mg of which is vitamin E)

Natural garlic with nutrients is used in our capsules. We use garlic oil with odor on purpose. It can be taken as it is and also be used to add a hint of garlic flavor to your food.