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Take good care of facial skin

    "Moistic" Special Essence

    JPY 4,950
    (including tax)

    This "Special Essence" softens aging skin and helps the skin to absorb moisture better.
    Moisturizing components, such as hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid Na and also carefully selected natural components extracted from plants and fruits are added.
    By applying the essence immediately after washing your face, 37 kinds of naturally extracted beautifying agents soften keratin on the face and prepare the skin to absorb the Moistic Rich Gel.

      "Moistic" Rich Gel (50g)

      JPY 4,180
      (including tax)

      Super fragmentation of the beautifying components allows this multi-functional gel "Moistic" Rich Gel to moisturize and reach deeper in the skin(※).
      Even though this product is in gel form, it'll be absorbed well into the keratin skin layer soon after application and achieves higher penetration(※). Carefully selected natural components such as collagen and squalene make the skin firm and shiny.
      ※Penetrates only to keratin layer.

        "URUOI" Essence (40ml)

        JPY 7,700
        (including tax)

        "URUOI" Essence reaches every corner of the stratum corneum and supports your skin’s natural power.
        We carefully selected and combined 18 beautifying agents of natural origin like royal jelly extract, aloe vera leaf extract, Pueraria montana root extract, Chlorella extract (Moisturizing agent) etc.
        Protects from dehydration, stretches a moisture barrier on the surface of sensitive skin, leading to firm and luminous skin. ※Dermatologically wwwed (Does NOT guarantee it is allergy-free for everyone.)

          "URUOI" Lotion (150ml)

          JPY 3,850
          (including tax)

          "URUOI" Lotion gives you healthy skin that is rich with moisture.
          Hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid Na are added to moisturize dry skin.
          It can be absorbed well into the skin and helps to soothe sensitive skin as well as to keep your skin looking smooth. ※Dermatologically wwwed (Does NOT guarantee it is allergy-free for everyone.)

            "URUOI" Milky Lotion(100ml)

            JPY 4,400
            (including tax)

            "URUOI" Milky lotion balances the amount of moisture and oil and preserves skin moisture. Smooth milky lotion can be absorbed well into the skin.
            Beautifying agents such as Coenzyme Q10 (Skin conditioning agent) and sericin (Moisturizing agent) protect the skin from dryness or roughness. Feels light and comfortable after using.
            ※Dermatologically wwwed (Does NOT guarantee it is allergy-free for everyone.)

              "URUOI" Cream (40g)

              JPY 5,500
              (including tax)

              "URUOI" Cream protects the skin from damage, such as dryness, with a veil of moisturizing cream.
              Our product protects the skin and locks in beautifying agents at the same time.
              ※Dermatologically wwwed (Does NOT guarantee it is allergy-free for everyone.)

                "URUOI" Soap (100g)

                JPY 2,068
                (including tax)

                "URUOI" Soap is made by a traditional method with NO additives except royal jelly (moisturizing effect). It is a very human and eco-friendly soap.
                The 3 main moisturizing agents; royal jelly, hyaluronic acid Na and hydrolyzed collagen tone the skin and help to retain moisture in the skin. The fluffy foam gently washes dirt off of your skin.

                  "Nonage" Whitening Gel (75g)

                  JPY 4,176
                  (including tax)

                  "Nonage" Whitening Gel is an All-in-One product with whitening(※) essence, lotion, milky lotion, cream and makeup base.
                  The active ingredient, arbutin prevents age spots from increasing in numbers, getting darker and prevents tanning, which prevents future age spots. In addition, hyaluronic acid Na and ceramide in the lotion help to moisturize the skin, and the active ingredient glycyrrhizic acid 2K smooths rough skin. This is an aging spot gel that works for both whitening(※) and moisturizing the skin.
                  ※"Whitening" signifies the effect of preventing the production of melanin pigment, which creates age spots and freckles.

                    "Nonage" Moisture Gel (75g)

                    JPY 3,080
                    (including tax)

                    Yawata's all-in-one skin-care product, "Nonage" Moisture Gel, combines beauty essence, lotion, milky lotion, cream, and makeup base into one easy to use product. Hyaluronic acid Na and acetyl hyaluronic acid Na moisturize from the surface of the skin down to the stratum corneum. Vitamin E capsules(※1) are also added to help prevent skin troubles.
                    It is a beautifying gel recommended for those who like simple skin-care or want to start aging care(※2) without too much time and trouble.
                    ※1 Tocopherol acetate (Skin Conditioning Agent)
                    ※2 This refers to the softening and firming of the skin.