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"URUOI" Lotion (150mL)

Price : JPY 3,850
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"URUOI" Lotion [150mL for 2 months]

Yawata's "URUOI" Lotion gives you healthy skin that is rich with moisture.
Hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid Na are added to moisturize dry skin.
It can be absorbed well into the skin and helps to soothe sensitive skin as well as to keep your skin looking smooth.
*Dermatologically wwwed (Does NOT guarantee that it is allergy-free for everyone.)

We put the power of nature
into our basic skin-care products.

As a supplement maker, we have been learning about the relationship between nature and health and have decided that we want to use the power of nature to stay beautiful.
Our "URUOI" Series contains basic skin-care products that have carefully selected ingredients and origins to maintain our quality standards.
The most important thing to us is "delicateness".
This is what the "naturalist" Yawata suggests.


Gentle care for sensitive skin
Healthy and shiny looking skin

It is very important for women to maintain healthy looking skin.
Normally skin is very sensitive so we wanted to carefully select the ingredients for our basic skin-care products, which would directly come in contact with your skin.
Our “Uruoi” Series contains basic skin-care products for sensitive skin.
Get good results with this rosy colored product…
<Yawata> helps to bring your natural beauty out.

Hydrolyzed collagen

Collagen from Japanese sharks is made into a low-molecular weight compound of collagen. It keeps the skin firm and tight.

Hyaluronic acid Na

Hyaluronic acid Na is produced during the fermentation process of lactic acid bacteria. It helps to retain moisture in the skin and keeps your skin smooth looking.

Wild rose extract

Wild rose extract is extracted from the wild rose, rosa canina, and contains lots of vitamin C. It has a moisturizing effect and smells very good.

Scutellaria baicalensis root extract

It was picked out from the nature of Scutellaria baicalensis. Flavonoid kinds are included and skin is kept healthily.

Royal jelly extract

Royal jelly extract is a beautifying agent with a superb moisturizing effect. It has a lot of nutrients and supports your skin to keep it beautiful and healthy.

Asian ginseng extract

Asian ginseng extract is extracted from the root of the Asian ginseng, which has been valued as a healthy food since ancient times. It helps the skin to stay firm and healthy.

Damask rose water (rose water)

Damask rose water is extracted from rose petals, smells nice and has a good moisturizing effect.

Lemon fruit extract

Lemon fruit extract contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is compatible with collagen. It helps to keep your skin firm and moisturized.

Moisturizing agent Skin Conditioning Agent

This refers to the effect of softening the skin and making it firm.


How to use



Water, BG, Glycerin, Pentylene glycol, Betaine, Damask rose water, Hydrolyzed collagen, Hyaluronic acid Na, Baikal skullcap root extract, Royal jelly extract, Rosehip extract, Asian ginseng extract, Lemon fruit extract, Allantoin, Methyl gluceth-10, Sorbitol, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Citric acid, Citric acid Na, Phenoxyethanol

*If any of the symptoms below occur, discontinue use immediately and talk to your doctor. Continued use of the product may worsen the symptoms.
1. Rash, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spot) or blackening of the skin.
2. The symptoms described above occur when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight.

*The photo and illustrations are for demonstration purposes only.

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