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Glusapo (30 tablets)

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Ingredients compatible with glucosamine support your active life.

Proteoglycan, which found in body, is one of the essential components for your active life. Glucosamine is an important component that is essential for its proteoglycan."Oralis®" and "SAMe yeast" contained in Gurusapo support your effortless life by taking them together with glucosamine to work more efficiently.

Hyaluronic acid is essential for your vitality and also maintains your health.
SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) with yeast is a kind of amino acid and produced from methionine in the body. It is said to be compatible with glucosamine and complement each other, which helps those supplements to work better.
Oralis® is extracted from the dried olive leaves which are grown in strong sunlight and have firmly nourished.Oralis® is compatible with glucosamine.
Olarius ® is a component that helps the function of glucosamine and others and supports making dynamic body. Hydroxytyrosol as the main ingredient is a kind of polyphenol which exists in many leaves.
※Oralis® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi-chemical Foods Corporation.

How to take

Take 1 tablet per day.

Supplement Facts (per tablet:200mg)

(Salt equivalent
Olive-leaf extract powder
(Hydrooxytyrosol 20%)
Hyaluronic acid
(S-adenosylmethionine) with yeast
  • ※Contains milk.
  • ※The above value is only a guideline. (except *)

Recommended for people who…

  • want to stay active.

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