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Yawata Original Green Juice (30 sticks per month)

Price : JPY 2,160
 (JPY 2,000 before tax)


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Yawata's Original Green Juice

A lot of green vegetable juice nowadays contain multiple ingredients. However, we made a simple green juice from a fundamental standpoint, and green barley is a prime ingredient of Yawata's original green vegetable juice.

Made mainly from green barley grown in Japan.

Green barley is hardy and has been cultivated since long ago. For a long time only the head of the plant was eaten, however, green barley has received attention as a prime ingredient of green juice because its green leaves are also nutritious.
Kale is popular in green vegetable juice, however, too much kale makes the juice bitter and gives it a grassy smell. That can make it difficult to continue drinking. Green barley has a mild taste, which makes it easier to drink. Also, green barley is nutrients and contains fibers, vitamins, minerals, amino acid, etc.

No pesticide used! We carefully selected green barley grown in Japan.

Till the soil very carefully to grow healthy green barley. It makes the soil loose and soft and adds a lot of air. If the soil is too dense, plants cannot set their roots deep. That prevents green barley's growth.
Add fertilizer, and then till the soil again: these processes make the soil nutritious.

Our green barley grows healthy with dark colored leaves, because we made every effort to make the soil great.
In addition to that, moderate temperature differences, which helps grow healthy green barley.

Green barley has been cultivated carefully and deliberately by human hands since long ago and nothing changed.

Rich in lactobacillus and vitamin C.

Vitamin C has the power of an antioxidant and is a nutrient that helps to maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes.

●This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, or to enhance your health by consuming in large amounts. Maintain the daily adequate intake.
●This product has not been individually evaluated by Secretary-General of the Consumer Affairs Agency.
●Maintain a balanced diet including a staple food, a main dish and side dishes.

How to take

Drink 1 stick per day dissolved in approximately 100ml of your preferred liquid, such as water, hot water, milk etc.

  • ※Because we are using natural ingredients there might be a variation in color and taste.
    Also, because it contains dietary fiber, it might leave a feeling in your mouth. None of these factors affect the quality of the product.

Supplement Facts (per stick : 3g)

(Salt equivalent
Vitamin C
:30mg (30%)
Lactic acid bacteria
:15 billion*
  • *Contains milk.
  • *The above value is only a guideline.(except *)

Vitamin C:30mg (30%):
Percentage of nutrient display standard value 2015
(18 years old and over, reference calorie 2,200 kcal)


Recommended for people who…

  • want to keep drinking green juice easily.
  • want to take lactobacillus.
  • want to take Vitamin C.

*The photo and illustrations are for demonstration purposes only.

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