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DHA & EPA (60 capsules per month)

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Yawata's DHA & EPA

Fish contains DHA and EPA which the body has difficulty producing, therefore it is important to consciously take it every day. However, the intake of fish for Japanese is decreasing year by year.DHA & EPA which are difficult to take from meals supplement 400 mg with only 2 capsules.

"DHA" & "EPA", blue fish component that is difficult to take from meals.

Japanese serious "fish-forsaking" diet

It is said that it is good for the health to eat a fish from old days. That's because DHA and EPA are found in fish oil.
Smooth component support your lively and active life.
However, DHA and EPA, which is found in fish, is difficult for the body to produce, and therefore it is important to consciously take it every day. In particular, it is said to be abundant in blue fish.
※ The smooth component refers to DHA.

The opportunities for Japanese to eat fish are decreasing year by year due to changes in eating habit. For this reason, the components DHA and EPA are lacking. Even though we know that eating fish is important, it is difficult to eat enough blue-fish every day.

Yawata's DHA&EPA for your daily health care.

Fish oil extracted with our original method, contains 62% DHA.

Fish gelatin is also used as an ingredient for the capsules. Fish power would be delivered to your body.

EPA, which has been recognized as an anticoagulant, as well as DHA, is produced inefficiently in the body. It is important to take together.
Yawata use EPA extracted from sardines.
※ The smooth component refers to EPA.

Seaberry Oil is added to protect DHA and EPA from oxidation. Seaberry has extremely strong vital power to survive in the desert.
DHA and EPA are delivered to your body without loosing any component from oxidation.

Vitamin E, which is abundant in vegetable oils such as rapeseed and nuts, is also included.


How to take

Take 2 capsules per day with water.

※It may vary in color of capsule due to natural ingredients but it does not affect the quality of the product.


Supplement Facts (per 2 capsules:1054mg)

(Salt equivalent
Vitamin E
Refined fish oil containing DHA
Refined fish oil containing EPA
Seaberry fruit oil
  • ※370mg of DHA and 30 mg of EPA in 2 capsules.

Recommended for people who…

  • concern about inadvertently.
  • prefer meat to fish.
  • care about dietary habits.

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